Flying to Melbourne

Most flights will come into Tullamarine Airport, 30 mins from the Melbourne CBD. A smaller number of flights will come into Avalon airport, 50 mins from the CBD.

Both airports offer Skybus shuttle transfers to specific locations in the CBD and there are taxis available at both airports.

Transport (one way)TullamarineAvalon

Public transport within Melbourne

Melbourne has the Myki card for use on public trams, trains and buses. The Myki card has an initial cost of $6 and can be topped up at train stations, some tram and bus interchanges and at a number of retail locations. However, if you are only going to be travelling using trams within the confines of the CBD, you may not need to purchase a Myki as all tram rides within the free tram zone do not require the use of a Myki. You do still require a Myki card to use the trains or buses within the CBD.

For timetables you can use Metro Trains for trains, Yarra TramsTramTracker App for up-to-the-minute tram arrivals or PTV for buses (and trams and trains).

Other options

Uber [car]
Melbourne Bike Share [bicycle]

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