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Yogu (equipment)


  • E (or ebu)
    The oak shaft or handle of the naginata. It should be 175-190cm in length with 15cm at the ha end tapering to a blunted point.

  • Ha (or habu)
    The double-strip of curved bamboo that makes up the blade of the naginata. Generally 65cm in the length.

  • Ishizuki
    The butt of the ha.

  • Kissaki
    The tip and thrusting point of the e.

  • Mine
    The curved (concave) back of the ha blade.

  • Monouchi
    The cutting point of the ha blade, 15-20cm down from the tip of the kissaki. For a strike to be considered valid, the target point must be struck with the monouchi.

  • Sendanmaki
    The meeting point of the ha and e where the two sections overlap for 15cm. The two parts are then secured using a white plastic tape (commonly electrical tape) so that there is an additional 1cm of tape extending past the overlap at each end.

  • Shinogi
    The flat sides of the ha blade.

  • Sori
    The curvature of the ha blade as referenced by locating the deepest part of the curve between the kissaki and the mine.

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Fukuso (clothing)

  • Hakama
    Flowing cotton or tetron trousers - the VNR favours dark blue or black for training. The tetron version is recommended for easier maintenance of the pleats and is less prone to fading.

  • Keikogi
    The loose top used for training. The VNR favours the light, white cotton version with sleeves that reach close to the elbow; the ends of the sleeve may be elasticated. Heavier waffle versions are available for cold weather training.

  • Obi
    The cotton belt worn around the waist over the keikogi and beneath the hakama.

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Bogu (armour)

  • Do
    Solid curved chest protection.

  • Kote
    Three fingered gloves.

  • Men
    Armour for the head.

  • Sune
    Shin protectors

  • Tare
    Heavy material groin protection.

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